New Life Members

The Mortlock Shield Executive Committee extends its congratulations to Al Schumann, Ron Redford, and Steve Milton for being granted Life Membership of the Mortlock Shield Championship.

Life Member – Al Schumann

I started getting involved with Mortlock by attending and thought that I wanted to be involved with this carnival. In the mid-eighties I asked the coach of the County Jervois Mortlock team (think it was Roger Ramsey) whether he needed a runner and he said he didn’t have one, so I got the gig.

Under various coaches I continued as runner until the early nineties but once I got married my involvement was more just watching the carnival.

When my son started playing association football for under fifteens in 2013 my involvement at association level increased and when the previous team manager of Eastern Eyre retired from the position in 2016 after 19 years, I heard they were looking for a new manager.

I asked the President if I could do the job and I have been doing it ever since. Being involved with the winning teams in 1989, 1991 and 2016 has been a highlight of the 2 positions over the years. It’s just great to be involved at this level and meet more people.

My involvement over the years includes the following:

County Jervois FL
1984 – Runner
1985 – Runner
1986 – Runner
1987 – Runner
1988 – Runner
Eastern Eyre FL
1989 – Runner
1990 – Runner
1991 – Runner
1992 – Runner
2016 – 2023 – Team Manager

Life Member – Ron Redford

Ron has been involved with the Mortlock Shield since becoming the President of the Far West Football League in 2008, then the formation of the Western Eyre Football League.

Ron has been a passionate leader since taking to the President role in 2008 which has then flowed through to the Mortlock Shield. Ron has been a great supporter and advocate for Football across Eyre Peninsula and devoted time to making the Mortlock Shield the greatest and longest running Carnival in Australia across his 15 years of involvement.

We are all aware of the Mortlock Shield meeting that Ron attends, that there will be questions asked whith many straight to the point, and at times people feeling uneasy, challenged, outside of their comfort zone. We are all aware that Ron asks those questions that many sit back thinking that they should ask but don’t ask. Ron’s passion is all in the best interest of Football being operated and run in a professional way and is always thinking outside of the square for continuous improvement of our great game.

It’s Ron’s passion, commitment, and dedication that he has given not only at Mortlock Shield level but football on Eyre Peninsula and across the State.

Life Member – Steve Milton

My involvement with the Mortlock Shield started back in its Golden Jubilee year, 1986 playing in the Monday game for Great Flinders against Far West in a virtual Grand Final. Unfortunately, I was on the losing side, which was no disgrace when you consider the strength of the boys from Far West that included Mahar, Miller, Oestmann, Chandler, Nisbet, Warmington etc.

The following season we were pitted against the strong Le Hunte League in the Saturday afternoon match and Great Flinders came away with what we considered a hard-earned win against players of the ilk of captain Clive Matthews, Graham ‘Blue’ McKenna, Dean McKenna, Tony Richter, Alan Price & Lyle Dolling, just to name a few.

I was given a quick lesson however on just how passionate the Great Flinders hierarchy were about winning the Shield when the then President of GFFL, Don Millard addressed the players and spoke of how disappointed he was in our efforts and pointing out that we had missed out on an opportunity to record a much bigger win and valuable percentage. Don was proven correct as although we won both games we finished runner-up to Lincoln Districts on percentage.

After the 1987 carnival I was fortunate enough to be selected in the EP team that convincingly defeated Broken Hill on their home ground. The following season I transferred to the Tasman Football Club in the Port Lincoln Football League and was selected to represent Lincoln City in five Carnivals and although we had some very talented sides we never seemed to gel like the country leagues.

A highlight for me during my Mortlock days as a player was being named in the 1991 ‘Team of the Carnival’ and subsequently the Eyre Peninsula squad. It was rewarding for me personally after I had let myself and others down the previous year by not presenting in the best possible shape for the Monday game against Lincoln Districts (another virtual Grand Final) This was a product of the now infamous Tasman Football Club ‘Drink Sprint’ where I became just a little bit too socially excited.

After moving away from the Eyre Peninsula I enjoyed some great football experiences in Cairns, Darwin & Perth before returning home in 2006. Upon my return I was fortunate enough to be asked to get involved and help with the Great Flinders League in several different roles over the last decade or so, something that I remain passionate about and I’m currently really enjoying my role as both the Great Flinders & Eyre Peninsula Men’s Team Manager.

The Mortlock Shield Carnival is an absolute pleasure to be part of and it has gifted me many wonderful memories along with the opportunity to play with and against some of the best players the Eyre Peninsula has seen, players such as Fabian Davey, Joe Dahlitz, Kym Green, Neil Carr, Richard Clements, Joe Burgoyne, Chris Prime, Robert Jackamarra, Barry Hutchins, Rick Macgowan, Tony Mahar, Butch Phillips and many, many more.

I would like to thank the Great Flinders Football League for the nomination and look forward to future involvement with them at Mortlock for many years to come.

Steve Milton

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